Endyne, Inc. is a full-service chemical and microbiological laboratory. We provide comprehensive environmental and product testing through our network of laboratories in New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. Whether you are a homeowner, municipality, agribusiness, industry or consultant, Endyne can fulfill all your analytical requirements. We have expertise with drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, biosolids, food, manufactured products and more.

We provide you with everything you need to get started, including sample containers, detailed instructions and great customer service. We have resources available to help you interpret your results in our FAQ section, or you can email us your inquiries at info@endynelabs.com.

Commitment to Quality

Endyne takes our commitment to the environment and human health very seriously. The best way we can contribute to this goal, is ensuring the highest level of reliable and accurate data. Everything we do is focused on improving Data Quality.

We are constantly evaluating our processes to make improvements in efficiency and quality. Efficiency and Quality are intricately connected. If an adaption improves one, it is certain to improve the other.

Simplifying and standardizing our procedures is one of our best ways to improve Quality. From the layout of our floor plan and work stations, to the orientation of labels on our sample bottles, every facet of our operations is optimized to improve data quality.

Our clients play a huge role in the quality of data. Quality starts at sample collection. Clear and legible paperwork, using the right bottles and preservatives, filling sample bottles to the proper volume, all contribute to creating reliable accurate data. Our clients are truly our partners in data quality.

This website is designed to help with this commitment. We hope that it informs you of our capabilities and just as importantly, adds to our client’s knowledge of sampling and analytical testing. The more you know, the better partner you are in the protection of the environment and human health.

Community Service

Endyne is very proud of its commitment to community service. Many of our employees volunteer their time in the community outside of, and some times during, the workday. This includes volunteer fire and ambulance departments, serving on town government boards, youth coaching and food drives.

Endyne Inc. has sponsored employee time, laboratory services and supplies for numerous projects. Examples include mentoring high school science competition projects and participating in internship programs with area colleges.

We have provided pro bono analytical testing to Vermont communities affected by Hurricane Irene and assisted Engineers Without Borders with sanitation projects in Nicaragua. More….

Did You Know?  Landfill Monitoring

There are 300 closed landfills in the State of Vermont.   Of these, there are 60 that have had some sort of monitoring in the past.  Of these 60, about 50% are permitted landfills with certifications from the ANR solid waste division, the remaining 50% are monitored based upon court orders.  Monitoring amongst the permitted landfills is relatively consistent but the court ordered monitoring tends to be site specific with regard to frequency, parameters and length of the monitoring period.

Maple Syrup Lead Testing

Lead in Maple Syrup has become a real concern in recent years. The Vermont Deparrtment of Agriculture has established an action level of 0.25 mg/Kg (ppm). Over 10 years ago, in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Health, Endyne developed a methodology for analyzing Lead in maple syrup. We now analyze samples from across the country with a majority of our clients from the Northeast. More…





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